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    Rules for Fanfics/Original Stories

    Eternal Flyer
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    Admin, The Super-Ace,The Romantic,High Flyer,Influencer of the World

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    Rules for Fanfics/Original Stories

    Post by Eternal Flyer on Sun Aug 25, 2013 8:16 pm

    Here are the guidelines for any fanfiction that gets posted. Violation of these rules will result in one warning, then a ban for a repeated offense. All rule violating stories will be deleted. (Includes first time offenders)

    1.No explicitly sexual scenes (smut)
    2.No promoting of homophobia, political views, religious views, racism, gender discrimination, rape, abuse or kidnapping.(this only counts if the entire story and its characters think or speak of these subjects in a positive way throughout the story, thus promoting these topics as a "cool" message. This rule also applies to any summaries)

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